Popular Events in Swindon Bars

Bars in Swindon hold many activities to entertain their customers. When you visit a bar, your intentions are to unwind and have fun. The bars are doing just that by creating events that the customers can participate in and have more fun. They include piano sing-a-longs, pub quizzes, and live music.

Live Music

Most of Swindon’s bars host live music entertainment. They invite local and international artists to perform. The bars play old local music to embrace the history of the community as well. The bars include The Bakers Arms on Upper Stratton, that holds regular live music, and The Kings Arms.

Quiz Night

The bars often hold quiz nights, and the customers volunteer to participate. For motivation and to make it more fun, they offer cash prizes or free beer. Turning up for such events is a great way to spend time with friends. The bars that hold a quiz night include The Tawny Owl every Thursday at 8 pm allowing teams of six players, and The Kings Arms every Wednesday at 8 pm, also with groups of six participants.

Pool and Darts Tournaments

Many bars in Swindon host pool and darts tournaments. The activities attract customers and keep them entertained. Playing pool and darts games with friends is a great way to unwind after a long day. It’s even more fun when the winners get cash prizes and free beer. Bars with such tournaments include The Baker Arms on Upper Stratton.

Sky Sports Channels

Most bars have Sky Sports channels to watch live games happening all over the world. Many people go to a bar to watch live matches of football and other games. The thrill of cheering on your team with friends while sipping a cold beer is unmatched. During these events, some bars sell beer on special offer to their customers.