Live Music Pubs Swindon

Dining out with some soft background music creates a good mood. It’s not only relaxing but a lot more fun as well. The music played can be quiet music or loud, and it depends on your preference. Clubs in Swindon play all types of music from folk to modern music. Some also host international artists to perform at different times of the year. The following are some of the pubs that have live music in Swindon.

Weighbridge Brewhouse

The place offers the best locally prepared food in Swindon. It has a relaxing atmosphere with a fabulous ambience. Their cost is reasonable and it is the best place to host dinner evenings and special occasions.

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday they invite some of Swindon’s best musicians to perform. The pianists include Thomas and James Eddings who have quiet, perfect voices to relax you.

Riffs Bar

Popular for hosting both national and international artists. It has also won the title for the best live music bar of the year. The bar has a great music system and a pleasant environment for chatting and making friends. The staff are warm and friendly, making you feel welcome and in the right place. They offer a great selection of cocktails and all beer types.

The music is entertaining and suited for all ages. They have gigs and also girl’s and boy’s nights out too. It also referred to as “the place where music matters”.

The Kings

The hotel offers top hotel accommodation services for both business and pleasure. They have well-prepared delicacies and a great variety of beers from local to imported. It has a calm environment for an evening out experience and special occasions.

Every Friday and Saturday they have a DJ on the decks till late in the night. On Sunday nights they invite live bands to perform in the bar. It’s a great place to relax and have fun with friends.